When people decide to follow you, as a leader, it is because of your personality and your skills, or both. "If you have goods", and intended to serve as a successful leader, you have to "sell" to the world or the individual, the success of your specific qualifications, the best of your ability, real ideas and the real value of your leadership. Your "goods" is your talents, skills, integrity and knowledge, bring you a partnership. No matter how much you have the ability, how many people, you may have, how many of your leadership aspirations of others, which will be wasted unless people know your best offer.

If you ask 12 people what a successful leadership qualities, you will get 12 different views. One thing is certain, however, leadership is the best time to be guided by the principle. Principle is an objective, non-personal and non-self-evident. Such as respect, honesty, kindness, integrity, fairness and quality of service will not let you down, will never disappoint you. When you based on your leadership of these qualities, you have a solid basis for establishing relationships with others. You will be other types of people who want to follow up. They will trust in you to believe you can bring out the best of them.

When the guiding principle, as a leader, you can see other people's potential, its value is often not valued and may be found, until you brought it out. What kind of gift you provide the individual and society.

The following six principles, is by no means exclusive, but it is a start.

1. Respect: beyond the principle to let others opinions. It is truly based on morality. Self-esteem is absolutely necessary to retain the leader. If you are in a particular manner in order to please others, you are doing yourself and others, causing great damage. It is far better to offend someone else you know what is morally right is not trying to appease people. When you keep this because you are the guiding principles of self-respect, you will be a positive role model who is the best quality of life and leading. You will also see the value of other people's opinions and let their rights, this view.

2. Honesty matters: When you are very true, your words, you can create an additional debt that can not be broken. When the leadership is not honest, it always comes back to haunt them. There is no manipulation of truth for you. This is not sustainable and it will be the destruction of this relationship.

3. Kindness: Of course, as a leader there are many opportunities to demonstrate this quality. Most of the time, these opportunities will be in action and text form. Good at the right time the right attitude will make every difference in your life and who the person is looking forward to you as a leader in life. The most important thing to remember is to think about what other people need the experience and hear, not what you can do or say.

4. Integrity: Integrity is doing what you say you will. If you follow your promise or word people will trust you, because you keep your promise. Second, there are reservations about the value of what you said. You not only to developing relations with other countries to improve relations, build trust in your own, you add to your self-esteem. When you keep their word, you tell people you will do for them as a leader, they have good reason to believe this is true, because it is.

5. Services: Initially, people thought the relationship between service can do what others. This is true, but there are more deep-seated service concept. As a leader who is the principle of developing their leadership, he must be faithful to himself, his purpose, to larger interests. In doing so, he can also bring within the scope of services their best people and help them to their full potential.

6. Fairness: to do what is right and what is moral is always the best option. Taking into account the needs and aspirations of others, may not be easy, but no one said that, as a leader is easy. Act from your heart and conscience and to the future what is required.

As a leader, you have the opportunity and obligation to bring out the best in themselves and others. You may be the only one who encourage their dreams.

Very difficult for you to be happy because of your condition, life? You feel unhappy because you problems? You achieve all the success, or in the world of luxury, but still not satisfied? If this is the case, then this article can help you find the real reason, and could cure all the heartaches.

Happiness is the most important goal is to life. Happiness a person's life meaning and purpose, the whole purpose and the ultimate human existence. Everything, it is actually the end of one thing only - Happiness. Some people have been working hard all their of life achieve their wish. You may feel shocked, and even some people have reached a peak of achievement, but still not satisfied. Why is it so? Happiness can not be seen as not moving. It is abstract and can only feel and experience. The feeling of happiness, not only completed, but the internal peace. Ecstasy is always to achieve the goal of every person.
In order to find true happiness, and always, you should consider these issues for some:

How to achieve happiness in their twilight years.
How to face the fear of failure.
The principle of how the well-being suffer.
How the internal peace and happiness.
How to thank you for your blessing.
How to active your life.
How do I clear the envy and jealousy.
How to eliminate fear, anxiety and stress.
We are dissatisfied with how to make their own.
How to enjoy your day-to-day tasks.
How life is full of love.
How to conquer the epidemic.

Now, the following details reflect the fact that your well-being of abtain steps:

Smile. Stress relax and may lead to many psychological, physical and spiritual issues in your own life. Lighten did not consider too seriously. One of the important reasons, to emphasize things that are of particular concern in your control. If you find that they often worry about things, assess the conditions or reasons, and whether you can do anything to improve this situation. If possible, work. If you can not learn to realize that these are just in your power and control should be considered good for you! Work can be laughing matter, especially yourself. If you force a little smile and laugh, you will not force it to the next, you will feel that you reduce the emotional. Laughter is a powerful, positive medicine. Calm and more peaceful feeling of a happy life will be your be. Dance, singing and laughter of good reasons, as far as possible, and there is no reason to. If you do not feel it in some music, you know will make you feel like it, or watch or read things that makes you laugh.
Talk to your friend. Sometimes worrying things, we seem to make matters worse, when we have them. Have a healthy relationship. If you are dating, to participate in activities to reflect who you are, and understand what people who like you. The entertainment business the people who love life, the way the pursuit of happiness how can you do. If you are in a relationship, strive to make this relationship's health.
Talking about the action taken by them so that they seem smaller and less significant. On the other hand, keep in mind is that really care about the people around us are cheering. Let other people happy. To do something so that other people - people - happiness, you will remember how easy it really can be when you feel powerless to create a happy life. The happiest day of our lives, when we really dig deep down the days to come, when we see a smiling face of the people who we care about.

The pursuit of the goal that could lead to your happiness. It is not difficult to obtain short-term satisfaction. Such, because it is a fast high, fast relief from your current problems. But it is this way, a "short term" satisfaction will soon disappear, leaving you an empty feeling that is sometimes as before. Insist, for long-term goals rather than short-term satisfaction. A long-term goals, objectives, these goals will take time, thought and effort to achieve. This will allow you to continue to improve themselves, will bring you the satisfaction of a permanent change in your life. If the pursuit of specific long-term goal seems to be too difficult, you can take a number of ways to reduce or eliminate the need for power.
Happiness is so simple, should be easy. Once you dig past the surface and from the superficial and the true sense of well-being very clear.

The debate is very important for human beings those have little soft corners on animals ,human beings may eat meat of animals or use them in other works but they don’t have any right to use brutality what people using in “Bull fighting in Spain”, I heard about bull fighting and I though it’s just an enjoyment and some people fight with bulls with some skills but when I watched in TV I felt very sad the way they are using weapons to hurt bulls and finally killing ,is it humanity ,you will kill an innocent animals for enjoyment?

This is a pointless killings ,they have also a life ,soul though they can’t speak ,they are weak it does not mean that human being will do what ever they want ,God has not given us superior quality for this cowardly act? Those are doing this brutal killings have no logic behind this shameful act you will chase one animal and make it tired and kill at last ?Huh …

What is your view on this matter, do you support this type of cruelty?

Some countries including Pakistan complaining that America is misutilising its power and unnecessarily interfering in other countries matter especially in Pakistan ,but I support America’s step towards fight against terrorism and For America only terrorists are fearing to do mass killing or destruction ,if America would not interfered in Pakistan’s case then Taliban could completely captured the nuclear weapon which can create severe problem For US and India ,and America realized that Pakistan misutilising its Aid in other ways and helping taliban to increase its strength ,so this time Us new govt rightly took strong steps and forcing Pak to take military against Taliban and I think for Country like America other countries feel peace otherwise these terrorists would take over whole world in Ransom Pakistan was making fool to US GOVT and utilizing US aid to strengthen their nuclear weapon and Obama Govt realized it on right time and put pressure on Pakistan to take strong action against Taliban ,and it is only US govt’s strong Pressure tactics Pakistan is taking military action .I strongly believe America is doing good to interfere in such cases otherwise these militants would make the innocent people play in their tune.

what is your views?

Assisted suicide, also known as voluntary euthanasia is a controversial issue in many countries. Debate on this issue is: if a terminally ill person who decided to end his/her life, it is acceptable to others to help them? This usually takes the form of a medical management of lethal injection, which will end the suffering of their lives. Lots of reaction across the globes continuing ,do you support these?
In the Netherlands, voluntary euthanasia has been legal since 1983, some 3,000 people each year require it. In Australia, it was legalized in Northern territory but it is discarded by Federal Senate before any body can use it.

What I feel is it is allowed in some situation like ,
1-Some diseases can’t be cured and if some body can’t tolerate the pain and he/she knows he is going to die as it is incurable then nothing wrong to allow him/her to die with medical help, we can’t leave a person facing death like pain every moment ,it is good to die for ever than facing painful death every moment.
2-Some times the patient becomes brain dead ,and doctors become helpless, at this point what can the relatives of the patient do? They can’t wait for natural death for long, can’t take medical expense and many other troubles like taking care of the patient, in this situation they should be allowed to take decision about the patient
But in all cases a committee of doctors should certify the process .

What is your point of view?

Hmm this topic I found discussed in many places and nobody reached on an opinion that God exist or not atheist /some scientists does not believe that God exist and believers have hundreds of reason to believe that God exists ,it is said that existence of God never requires any proof and we can get God by faith not by debating.
I’m a true believer of God and I also follow the same rule that we can’t proof God’s existence by arguing ,it is a matter of faith , Still I ‘ll discuss some aspect why we should believe the existence of God.

Every religious book says that if you will pray God or have faith on him you will get him in your heart you can feel ,it is like wind which you can feel but can’t see ,we can’t limit God to any scientific experiment or formulae.

What we are ,and where we live and what we are taking or consuming everything is an example that God existing and He created these.

Lets discuss from scientists point of view if they are arguing everything from scientific view then why till now they have not discovered or created another planet like earth?
Here are some points to ponder …

Earth ... its size is perfect. Earth's size and corresponding gravity have a thin layer of mostly nitrogen and oxygen gases, only the expansion of the high altitude of about 50 miles of the Earth's surface. If the earth is smaller, the atmosphere is not possible, just like Mercury. If the Earth is also large, and its atmosphere would contain free hydrogen, such as Jupiter. So how our Earth is the only planet created with all material in right measurement that is suitable for a life. Isn’t a miracle or God’s creation?

Scientists talking many things can they create one river ?can they remove water problem? can they make rain happens on time no ?So they should not challenge God or his creation?
Just discuss about Human organs have you ever thought how they are built ,everything rightly placed in their position ,Lets talk about Brain what a creation? can Doctors, medical science create another brain from scratch?

On which ground Atheist are arguing ?have they thought the argument ,logic comes from which things ,the brain is given by same God the almighty .So it is a never ending thing if we will discuss on GOD.

So I think Atheists will no more demand any proof on God’s existence .

Abortion is one of the most controversial and emotional difficulties faced by modern society. The question is whether a child should be allowed to terminate, which is in its mother's womb. For some, the problem now is more fundamental: at what stage is the fetus in the womb is considered a child? Although abortion has been accepted by the United States, because of Wade land in the early 70s, this is by no means reflects the general agreement - be it international or the United States itself - as in many Western countries there are still considerable restrictions on With regard to abortion.

My view is Unborn child can not express their right to life; their life is vulnerable, it must be protected. It is what I feel, we don’t have any rights to kill an innocent live who has not seen the light, yes one can be allowed to go for abortion in special circumstances ,like if any severe disease detected in womb, or a girl conceived due to rape and she does not want the child etc etc but not for like in Asian countries people hesitant for girl child and many girl child infanticide occurring which is unfortunate.

If human being will superficially look to this matter then they will never care it but if we will minutely observe these things then those are doing abortion without any strong reason means they are murdering a new life.
What is your view?